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Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich Health Insurance

There is so much choice in Insurance. Getting the best deal is far more easier now, thanks to comparison options available online.

About Apollo Munich Health Insurance

The Apollo Munich Health insurance plans make it easy and affordable for you to buy a health insurance policy for yourself and/or your family members at the least possible costs, and provide you a range of exclusive benefits at the same time.

The well known and reputed organization, Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company Ltd. is the result of the merger between Apollo Hospitals (the largest hospital chain and integrated healthcare services provider in the continent Asia) and Munich Health, the heath division of the German MNC Munich.

The company started its Indian operations in the year 2007 and has a wide and vivid portfolio that is designed to meet the healthcare insurance needs of individuals and families across age and gender profiles alike.

Key benefits of the Apollo Munich Healthcare Insurance Plans/Policies

Apollo Munich Online Health insurance stands apart from the rest through its long list of benefits for the end consumers. Apollo Munich health insurance review reveals features, milestones and unique privileges like:

  • Millions of customers. The company has so far settled 2543 crore worth of claims.
  • A wide range of policies to suit every need of individuals with different profiles
  • Affordable premiums that vary from Rs 1 lakh to greater sums like 15 lakhs
  • A significant and expert presence all over India. The Apollo Munich Health Insurance policies buy you cashless hospitalization at more than 4000 hospitals in India, located in 800 different cities.
  • Cashless treatments and service
  • 98% of the claims are settled within 15 days
  • Provision to port plans from other health insurance providers 
  • Affordable and life-long insurance renewals
  • Lifetime validity after renewals
  • The basic monetary sum insured through a policy gets increased by as much as 50% for a “claims” free year. If the subsequent year has no claims again, the sum insured is increased by 100%
  • Policies with unique features like restoration of the sum insured (in case it gets exhausted) if a new illness is diagnosed
  • The online Apollo Munich premium calculator and the “call back” facility helps you to know all about the premiums easily and at no extra cost

Types of Products

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Pvt Ltd has a vivid portfolio that has many different types of health insurance plans. The plans of one of the largest health care provider in the world are hence suited for both individuals and families, and provide a sound and comprehensive health cover to all gender and sexes. The different types of health care insurance plans include:

  • ndemnity or reimbursement plans
  • Individual health insurance plans
  • Family floater insurance plan
  • Fixed benefit hospitalization plans
  • Critical illness plans
  • Hospital cash/surgical benefit plan

Product or Insurance plans details

Name of the policy/insurance plan Features and key benefits
Optima Restore Health Insurance Plan

1. Covers the entire term or duration even after the claims have been exhausted. Restoration of 100% of sum insured.
2. Rewards for clients who have an active lifestyle, in the form of discounts on premiums
3. A mobile application that is provided by the company itself, and helps in tracking the physical activities and the progress made
4. Sum insured increases by 50% the subsequent year if there are no claims made in the first or prior year
5. Cashless access to more than 4500 hospitals, in more than 800 cities of India
6.  Optima Restore Family Floater Plan offers the same benefits to entire family and is a version of the Optima Restore Health Insurance Plan

Easy Health Individual

1. Apart from covering illnesses, the plan offers and additional cover for the critical diseases and illnesses. This additional policy coverage can be up to 100% of the sum insured (up to a maximum monetary limit of Rs 10 lacs)
2. Free expert opinion
3. One of the few policies that also offers coverage towards the out-patient treatment through alternative treatment modes like Siddha, Unani, Ayurveda, and Homeopathy
4. A no-claim bonus (up to 100% of the sum insured) is awarded to the policy recipient
5. The Easy Health Family Floater Plan is a version of the Easy Health Individual Family Plan and covers the entire family by offering the same coverage and benefits to all family members (covers up to 5 children and 2 adults)

Optima Plus and Optima Super

1.The two different plans have similarities and are the unique top-up plan that offers coverage above the deductible amount for:
# Pre and post hospitalization day care medical procedures
# Inpatient treatments
# Domiciliary treatment
#Emergency ambulance
# Organ donor expenses
3.No waiting time period

Optima Super Family Floater Plan

1.Benefits towards
#pre and post hospitalization
#In patient treatment
#Organ donor related expenses
#Ambulance charges
#Day care procedure and treatment
2.One policy can cover up to 2 children and 2 adults

Modern lifestyle has its own perils and stress, pollution, fad diets, junk food and a sedentary lifestyle further expose us more to the acute and chronic illnesses and a number of diseases, some of which are really dangerous and even fatal.

Apollo Munich Online Health Insurance plans offer adequate monetary help and are aided by a network of thousands of hospitals located in every nook and corner of India. The affordable plans can be purchased for both self and family.

The Apollo Munich renewal policy makes it easy for the customers to renew their existing plans, and gain lifetime benefits affordably.

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