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Car Insurance
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Car Insurance

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Bharti AXA Car Insurance Plans

Bharti AXA General Insurance Company

One of the best private insurers in India, Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Limited, was started in 2008.They provide health insurance, car insurance, travel insurance and home insurance. The company also provides special commercial insurance plans.

Bharti Enterprises, a leading Indian conglomerate and AXA, a multinational French insurance firm are the two sole stakeholders of the company. The Bharti AXA group actually has two insurance companies functioning in both, general insurance and life insurance sectors.

The general insurance company’s vision is to become the best insurance provider in India. They seek to achieve it by offering ‘comprehensive and innovative solutions and unparalleled service to customers’.

Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Limited has been acknowledged for its services by many institutions. In 2016, it received ‘Marketing Campaign of the Year: Motor Campaign’ award by Global Marketing Excellence Awards. Also, the Institute of Economic Studies had awarded it with the Excellence award in 2014.

Bharti AXA Car Insurance – Key Features

Car insurance or even motor insurance, in general, is a basic need in India these days. Also, the government has declared vehicle insurance mandatory. Bharti AXA provides a protective car insurance plan for minimizing the risk of financial damage to the vehicle owners.

The car insurance plan by Bharti AXA is a structured and comprehensive solution. That is why every Bharti AXA car insurance review is encouraging. The car insurance claim settlement ratio for the year 2015-2016 was 91.49%.

All car brands operating in India are included in the Bharti AXA list. Therefore, you can buy insurance for your personal vehicle, no matter what model it is.

The General Advantages Of The Car Insurance Bharti AXA

  • Fast application process and easy claim settlements are two of the many advantages of buying insurance from Bharti AXA
  • As a customer, you will have access to more than 2500 cashless garages all over India for the repair of your car
  • More than 2500 garages available in the Bharti AXA cashless claim network
  • Several add-ons are offered for purchase to make the insurance policy more inclusive
  • Access to the website provided for convenience of availing all the online benefits because of Bharti AXA login feature
  • No claim bonus or discount in the premium if policy is not claimed during the previous term and can go up to 50% of the premium
  • The no-claim bonus is transferable from another company to the Bharti AXA account
  • Renewal of the policy is done without inspection if renewing is done without break-in-insurance
  • The customer care team is available to continuously 24X7, and online chat with an advisor is also available
  • The Bharti AXA online premium payment can be made with debit cards, credit cards or internet banking
  • Installation of anti-theft device approved by ARAI is eligible for discount on the premium amount

Policies And Benefits

The point to remember is that without insurance, a vehicle owner is exposed to great financial risks. Therefore, insuring a car and renewing in time is important as it is a responsibility to have protection against unforeseen future. Affordable car insurance plans are available in 3 variations.

Basic cover for car owners – this policy can be purchased easily online.

Sum assured and premium – based on various elements like your car value, depreciation factor, add-on covers purchased and inspection results.

Policy term – the plan can be bought for a term of 1 year at a time, after which it has to be renewed

Coverage - It has three categories of covers.

  • Loss or damage to the car like theft, vandalism, natural calamities, etc
  • Personal accident cover for driver with death benefit of Rs.2 lakh to the nominee
  • Third party liability for property damage and bodily injury worth Rs.7.5 lakh

Exclusions – specific exclusions including

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Car being used for commercial or illegal activities
  • Electrical or mechanical failure
  • Normal wear and tear of parts
  • Depreciated value of the car

Advantages –

  • The basic policy is inexpensive and is available for almost all the car models in India
  • Various tools like policy renewal reminder are at your disposal
  • Harm to the car or loss due to theft, accident, riots, explosions, natural calamities, etc. are covered

Basic cover with optional add-ons – extra coverage can be purchased with a little increase in the premium.

Sum assured and premium – sum assured depends on the type of car and its age. Premium is calculated as per the basic plan with the cost of extra covers added to it.

Policy term – it is the same as that of the basic car insurance package.

Coverage – includes all the covers of the basic car insurance package by Bharti AXA general insurance. More than 10 add-on covers are available for purchase individually.

  • Depreciation cover: repayment of full amount on the repair or loss of vehicle without factoring the depreciated value
  • Roadside assistance cover: insurance holder assisted with towing, minor on-road repairs, emergency fuel and a flat tire, etc.
  • Invoice price cover: advantageous in case of stolen or completely damaged cars, so owners do not have to pay anything while purchasing a new one
  • No-claim bonus protector: the discount on the premium is not invalidated even if you make two claims in a single period
  • Medical expenses add-on: Rs.10 thousand is provided for the treatment of driver and passengers
  • Personal accident cover for passengers: the passengers apart from the driver can be insured for 1 lakh each in case of death or permanent disability
  • Hospital cash: daily cash of Rs.1 thousand in case of hospitalization of the owner/driver after accident
  • Consumables cover expenses of replacing of consumables like nuts, oil, washers, etc. are paid for by the company

Exclusions – these are the same as that of the basic insurance package, but it depends on the add-on covers purchased.

  • Vehicle being driven by unauthorized person during the occurrence of the accident
  • Any damage if the accident transpired outside the borders of India

Advantages –

  • Provides better financial protection to the owner
  • Easily customizable according to the needs
  • More add-on covers can be purchased while renewing too

Motor Third party liability insurance – a rudimentary package that covers only the government mandated aspect of car insurance.

Sum assured and Premium – The premium amount is quite less as is the sum assured.

Policy term – Unknown as the plan is not available for online purchase.

Coverage - The liability only insurance covers nothing but the damages incurred by a third party due to you.

  • Medical costs of person or people injured during an accident
  • Repair costs of the damage caused to a third-party property

Exclusions – the exclusions of basic car insurance policy are applicable here.

  • Damage to own car during an accident
  • Medical expenses of the owner or registered driver and death benefit
  • Driving without a valid driving license

Advantages - People who are looking for extremely affordable plans can opt for this package.

  • The plan can be renewed continuously, year after year, without frequent inspections
  • 24X7 assistance provided by the customer care and claims assistance team

More Reasons To Buy Car Insurance From Bharti AXA

The company is reputed and has dual certification from ISO. It has also received much recognition in the insurance industry. In its few years since commencement, Bharti AXA General insurance has sold more than 98 lakh policies, among which around 42 lakhs were car insurance.

The details of all the plans are available on the website. You can get a quote for your policy online instantly. The car insurance application process is hassle-free and requires minimal paperwork on the customer side.

The policyholders of Bharti AXA motor insurance have the advantage of speedy reimbursement or cashless claims. After receiving the claim related documents, the company processes the claims within a week.